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History of Martel

about 1 year ago


Louis J. Martel was born in St. Hyacinthe, Quebec, Canada. Dr. Martel came to live and to practice medicine in Lewiston, Maine in 1873. He became a naturalized citizen of the United States in 1879 and urged his fellow countrymen to do the same, frequently helping them financially to do so.


    Dr. Martel was very active in the local community. His hard work and dedication to the needs of the local citizens was seen in many areas. He was a leading force in the founding of St. Mary's Hospital. He was also co-founder of Le Messager, a French newspaper published in Lewiston from 1880 to 1966. Dr. Martel was founder of l'Institut Jacques Cartier, an organization which help immigrants of french extraditions to settle in Lewiston. A brick building, corner of Walnut and Bartlett streets, was his last Lewiston home. 


    The Franco-Americans citizens urged city officials to name this school in honor of Dr. Martel. Members of l'Institut Jacques Cartier presented a framed photograph of Dr. Martel, together with a brief record of his activities to be displayed at Martel School. They hope that Dr. Martel's examples will serve as inspiration to pupils of this school, that, they too, may devote some part of their lives to the betterment of this city and its residents.