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November Minutes (2015)

PTO minutes for November 10, 2015 meeting with staff




Stacey Smith

Lori-Ann Touchette

Beth Wood

Amy Brousseau

Stephanie Gabriel

Marnie Morneault



Principal update:

Ms. Mckenna’s spot has been replaced by Ms. Levada and the ELL Ed Tech spot is still open.  The new school is slowly moving along and as soon as there is more known I will let you know.



Movie license:  We, PTO, are still looking into that option but it is a little on the pricey side and only is valid for one year but calendar year (January to December).  What if we ask Steve for January 2017 for half of the cost of license and then PTO do other half of cost?  To be discussed at next money committee meeting.


Craft tables:  We could offer tables for $10 a crafter to be offered along with our craft night we do with the kids.  Maybe for future years can get a booth with Lewiston merchandise rather than just the schools.  Craft night is December 4th


Food for teachers: Maybe we can do crockpot meals for conference night in the spring and then a day in March to do breakfast or lunch for teachers.


Yearbooks:  We will be using Shutterfly for them this year.  Will still do contest for cover but should be easier to get photos to load to website.  Possibly we can make and pass out a different permission slip for allowing children into pictures for yearbook.  We can specify where we will be placing the photos and allow them to decide so it is more specific than the one at the beginning of the year.


Maintenance:  There are issues with the furniture especially in 6th grade as they kids are taller and desks have to be placed at top level, are old and are very wobbly.  The heating is very sporadic, some days it is cold in a room and other days the same room is hot.  The old trailer that is being used for storage needs to have a higher wall around as kids like to jump that little wall.  The 5th grade trailer has some issues with the shirting and missing pieces.  The playground structures support, concrete bases, need something better to cover them as they are showing again.  Woodchips are not a good solution as they get pilled under zip line as a cushion for the kids. 


  Next meeting is December 1, 2016 at 6:30PM in the library