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PTO minutes for January 5, 2016 meeting

Attendance: Childcare:

Stacey Smith Ariana Touchette-Ruiz

Steve Whitfield Emma Omiecinski

Lori-Ann Touchette

Beth Wood

Marnie Morneault

Jamie Omiecinski

Andrea Peterson

Principal update:

NWEA testing started today and MEA will be in late March.  Ms. Caron’s mother passed away.  Lost five

kids today but gained 2.

Treasure update:

Currently have $902.87 in account.  At Craft night we made $113.00 on tables and $121 on items raffled

that were donated by the vendors.  As for regular raffle tickets, not craft night, we made $503 after

payout of winnings and then gift cards for high sellers. 

Yearbook update:

Shutterfly is all set up.  Even though when placing password in it seems to stop at the e, it still takes it. 

Going to check with Rebecca about how many checked “no” on yearbook permission slip for use of

pictures.  If we have a lot then will do a separate permission slip for the yearbook to avoid some of the

upset and trouble with pictures.  See about getting someone to take pictures of achievement

ceremonies to add to the yearbook.  Also will set up a gmail account for yearbook for parents and other

individuals to send photos to for the yearbook.  Then our PTO members can upload them to Shutterfly

to add to yearbook.

Apparel update:

An order form will be going out shortly.  Will be doing a color copy rather than black and white as we

have new apparel with new design that the kids picked out. 

Craft fair:

Every vendor wants to return next year for craft fair/craft night.  They were very impressed with our set

up and willing to book ahead.  They will be spreading the word through other vendors they see at

different fairs.  Maybe we could do goody bags for the vendors that are coming along with the pizza. 

Going to see if we can have other PTO’s spread the word and offer a few free crafts to other students if

their parents want to come to craft fair. 

Will be doing the craft fair/craft night on December 2, 2016. 

Ideas of homemade snow, tongue depressor bracelets, bird feeders that turn into ornaments, do the

snow globes but maybe prepare bottoms prior to craft fair.  Punch holes ahead as well.  Possible bake

sale with a donation jar rather than actual prices during the same night? Maybe send out a notice to

check for interest about donations for bake sale.

Roller skating:

Do we do it as it costs over $200 and seems to be low turnout?  Maybe we can do a sledding get

together, skating or something else for people to come if they want.  Will discuss more at a later date.

Food for teachers:

Will have crock pot meals for teacher conference night.  Have to get signup sheet out for crock pot

meals to have for teachers.  Also maybe do a support staff platter for the morning after to make sure

they get something as well to show our support.  There are approximately 25 support staff.   We could

do something during Teacher Appreciation week.  Will discuss more later.

  Next meeting is February 4, 2016 at 7:30AM in Ms. Whitney’s room.

Will bring some cut fruit and a few breakfast breads/muffins for meeting.