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PTO minutes for February 4, 2016 meeting


Stacey Smith

Stephanie Gabriel

Marnie Morneault

Principal update:

New school update: they are tweaking every week the design/layout of the building.  A straw vote will

be happening in about a month to a month and a half.

Teachers:  Discussed when we are thinking to have the open house/bbq at the start of the year.  After

some discussion it seems the Wednesday after school starts would work better as PTO seemed to see a

decrease in the amount of people for bbq and teachers didn’t seem to see as many in some grades as

others.  Maybe we can put together an invitation/notice that the bbq will be the on xx day next year to

welcome back everyone and make a flyer for children who enroll during the summer.  Flyer will go out

that Friday before Labor Day so that it isn’t confused in the beginning of school paperwork.  Also PTO

could do a robo call around 7pm on Labor Day to remind parents of the upcoming bbq.

shirt brand as others so should fit the same.

to send a separate permission slip for yearbook to verify that parents really don’t want additional

pictures of their children in the yearbook.


There always seems to be basic maintenance that does not get completed i.e. painting, ect.

  Next meeting is March 1, 2016 at 6:30PM in the Library.