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December Minutes

PTO minutes for December 1, 2015 meeting


Attendance:                                                                                                 Childcare:


Stacey Smith                                                                                                 Ariana Touchette-Ruiz

Steve Whitfield

Lori-Ann Touchette

Beth Wood

Amy Brousseau

Stephanie Gabriel

Tina Hutchinson

 Principal update:

The 3rd and 4th graders had a field trip to Merrill Auditorium to see a shortened version of the Nutcracker and then a behind the scenes look at the Nutcracker.  They arrived back late but seemed to have a wonderful time.   This field trip was paid by a grant for the tickets to the show and then the school had to pay for the buses. 

 There will be another round of Parent/Teacher Conferences in March but a time has yet to be determined.

 Tina Hutchinson:

 Tina is part of a group that have started an education supply that not only helps the teachers but also helps the students.  Right now they have partnered with Photo Finish to assist with Santa Photos.  For a $1 donation, the group will cut the pictures straight.  So far has raised $250.00 already to help make this happen.  Going to be meeting with staff next few weeks to get an idea of what they feel they need.  Will be able to assist if class doing a project and John doesn’t have a piece of it then they can purchase that item so he isn’t left out.   They have a facebook page: Lewiston Public Schools Parent and Staff.  They are looking for volunteers to assist with the Santa photos at the Auburn Mall.  Also looking to get the word out to help with donations and possible partnering with some businesses.  They will also promote any event that the PTO is putting on.  You can always contact Tina at

 Treasure update:

 Currently have $625.72 in account.  We got a $100 donation from Rainbow Federal Credit Union.  We also got a $50 gift card to Walmart and a $25 gift card to Hannaford that we will be using to get items for craft night.  We are also trying to get a donation from Walmart Distribution.

 Yearbook update:

 Shutterfly is all set up.  Will be giving the password and username to teachers.  If any parents would like to submit photos that they have taken at events, please forward them to their child’s teacher.  We will be sending a permission slip home to students shortly with regards to allowing their child’s picture in the yearbook.

Apparel update:

A survey went out to students and they picked the new logo for the shirts.  It is a two week turnaround between order being submitted and we receiving it.  Will be putting an order form out in January and a notice to parents later in December about the new apparel order being sent out in January.

Raffle update:

We currently have sold $101 dollars in raffle tickets and have another envelope of returned tickets today that have yet to be counted.

 Craft fair/craft night update:

The craft night was decided to be December 4th at the meeting in November.

 Given the short time frame between the November meeting and the craft fair, Marnie and Stephanie have collaborated with the school and gotten some of the details worked out.  Leftover decisions we need to make as a group:

 Snacks:  Kari P will bring Oreo snowballs, Marnie will bring cheese and crackers, Stephanie will bring two water coolers and popcorn, Beth will bring ice, Lori-Ann will bring carrot sticks, Jamie will bring pretzels.

 Crafts:  Amy is going to look to see if she has any green or red yard and also will be bringing some stamps to help with making cards.  All the crafts we are using are on pinterest.

 Power strips and extension cords are needed to assist with tables.  If you have any extra please bring on Friday for Craft night/ craft fair.


  Next meeting is January 5, 2016 at 6:30PM in the library